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The Barissima is the most advanced milk frother on the market capable of producing barista frothed milk at the touch of a button. The Barissima has all of your milk requirements covered.

One of the biggest challenges facing cafes or restaurants is ensuring the quality of their beverages, by having consistent milk at the touch of a button, not only do you produce quality drinks every time but you also save time and allow your staff to do other activities. 



Barissima Uno

The Uno is the work horse for high demand. It can produce up to 250 drinks per hour with high accuracy and consistency. The large in-built coil heat exchange delivers the temperature you require for any milk volume. Fully automated cleaning program and digital adjustment of froth - no need to adjust anything manually. Pre-program your favourite latte, flat white or cappuccino - and sell more coffee.


Consistency: Temperature and Texture

Speciality created heating systems via a steam less speed controlled milk pump ensures exact temperature stability, even under the busiest of environments. The Barissima's gentle preparation equates to no burning of milk - ever! Easy automated cleaning also adds to the appeal of this revolutionary machine.

Because of the internal air valve, the texture of your milk is consistent every time you push the button. With different beverage profiles that allow more or less foam, get the perfect milk texture for every beverage!


What makes us different?


Unlike competitors, once Barissima is adjusted and personalised to your preferences, anyone can use it without risking to modify its settings. 
No external valve that controls the input of air and all profile settings are protected by a password. 




With the ability to set exact dosages, the Barissima not only speeds up your service time but it also will help you save 15 to 20% of milk usage by reducing wastage. Overall this makes for a very timely Return On Investment.  


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To learn more about the difference Barissima can make to your business contact us on 03 9464 1800 We invite you to visit our showroom where you can experience all the features and benefits for yourself!
Have a look at the Barissima Brochure here  to get all the details about its features, benefits, operating principles and much more. 




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