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CIME - Qualita da Milano commercial coffee machines


Customisation. Fine design. Technical performance. Easy operation. That's the new CIME CO-05 - the Roll-Royce of the CIME range, a machine that combines innovation and knowledge with the flexibility of custom designed coloured side panels for an individual look.

A Unique Look

Cime CO-05 total black coffee machineThe CO-05 is the only machine in the CIME range which allows you to combine the sides in different colors and styles, with the possibility of composing the “stave ends” from two different colors. Also now available in Australia with the beautiful "Total Black" design.

Superior Extraction: E-61

Featuring a copper boiler and the renowned E-61 group head for superior extraction, thermal  temperature stability and trusted design, the robust CO-05 will consistently produce top-quality beverages time after time.

A Colourful Personality: Removable Panels

A unique attribute of the CO-05 is the ability to adapt the machine to any environment and cafe style with ten colourful side panels and handles to choose from.


  • Heating circulation
  • Dose regulations of hot water and coffee
  • Counter of dispensed coffee for each group
  • Emergency push button groups supply
  • Standard cup warmer
  • Hot water mixer tap
  • Stainless steel steam jet nozzle
  • Electronic infusion

Technical Specifications

  • 2 Groups Semiautomatic/Automatic
  • voltage 110/220 V
  • power 20 amp
  • boiler 12.0 lt.
  • width 74.0 cm
  • depth 54.0 cm
  • height 50.0 cm
  • net weight 55.0 kg
  • gross weight 59.0 kg
  • package 75x62x60 cm

Available Colors

Red, Yellow, Sepia, Black, Green, White, Purple, Grey, Blue and Total Black


For further detailed information please download the CIME CO-05 brochure here :Download the brochure now

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