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Classe 11 is much more than Rancilio's new professional coffee machine. It is the new benchmark for coffee lovers, a unique and forward-looking solution featuring the revolutionary temperature profiling system. Available in 2, 3 and 4 raised groups. 

The top commercial coffee machine

“A good coffee is the product of a long series of fascinating processes. Classe 11 is able to tailor these then bring them to fruition like no other machine that has gone before” Giorgio Rancilio

Temperature Profiling Overview

Revolutionise the Way Coffee is Made with Xcelsius

Be the best baristaImagine having the ability to set the brew water temperature for each individual coffee delivery? Imagine no more. With the Xcelcius, that technology is here with Temperature Profiling, redefining the chemistry between barista and technology. This revolutionary new system allows the barista complete control when producing the perfect coffee. The brew water temperature can be set dynamically, with an increase or decrease of up to 5°C during the time it takes for each individual delivery. This pioneering new function allows the specific aromatic characteristics of each individual blend to be effortlessly extracted, redefining the way coffee is made. “I wanted a product that would embody the digital era we are living through” Giorgio Rancilio 


Technical Features

  • Temperature profiling
  • Multi Mirco-boiler per group
  • Multifunction onboard computer with touch display (5.7'', 640x480 pixel) and USB port
  • Working area LEDs: group button panels, stylish lateral lighting work area
  • Independent heat exchanger
  • Boiler pressure control gauge
  • Insulate copper boiler
  • Boiler temperature and pressure control: electronic
  • Built-in volumetric pump
  • Electric heating
  • Electronic water level control
  • Dispensing controls: low-voltage (24 V)
  • "C" Lever - Ergonomic Steam Control
  • "Connect" and Snap & Share Multimedia and Connectivity . 



    • Dimensions (W x D x H) 800 x 600 x 540 mm (2group) - 1040 x 600 x 540 mm (3group)
    • Weight 85 kg (2 group) - 100 Kg (3 group)
    • Boiler 11 Ltr (2 group) - 16 Ltr (3 group)
    • Boiler power  4,300 W (2 group) - 5,400 W (3 group)
    • Mirco-boiler power 250ml for each group
    • Voltage  220-240 V - Single Phase
    • Frequency 50/60 Hz

    Detailed Information

    The Touch Panel: Maximum Technology, Total Simplicity

    Classe 11 achieves perfect intuition that develops from an intense and memorable relationship as 11 redefines the chemistry between man and technology, revolutionising coffee drinking with touchscreen technology.Rancilio’s business idea was simple: to equip its coffee machine with the world’s most widely used technology and thus develop the familiarity that only a common language can provide. A machine you can navigate using quick and simple menus, just like a smart phone, and a lexicon of instantly recognisable icons, with a display that provides real time feedback on what the machine is doing.

    Baristas And Their Know-How: Making Room For Creativity

    Every barista has their own background of experience and teachers. Classe 11 is specifically designed for baristas to make the most of their technical and cultural know-how. Making a technology easy and accessible means exactly that: simplifying all routine operations to make room for creativity. Making a good quality espresso requires a profound knowledge of coffee: Classe 11 is a tool designed to express this knowledge to the full.

    A High Tech System

    In addition to the touch screen, the Classe 11 control panels are equipped with a second technology inherited from the automotive industry: the CAN-bus, which ensures a totally reliable and efficient transfer of information. CAN-bus is the technology that powers and connects all circuit boards, ensuring quick interaction that is immune to electromagnetic interference. When the brewing button is pressed, the signal instantly reaches the circuit board and returns to the graphic display to confirm the action is taking place. The new highly sensitive, impact-proof and scratch-proof, toughened glass control panel with TOUCH technology is the most visible element of the machine: the toughened glass is rear screen-printed and long-lasting and guarantees maximum durability and resistance to wear, with clear and intuitive icons. 

    Floating Panel: Creativity And Control At Your Fingertips

    Everything at the touch of a button. Just like the steering wheel of a car, where your hands interact with the controls, simply touching the display creates a connection between man and machine. This is true ergonomics: Using a simple gesture to work a high tech coffee machine with ease and spontaneity. This new language of gestures gives the barista greater security and control, which translates into higher quality for the customer. The personality of the Classe 11 is demonstrated by the way both the machine and its user return to being the main attraction in the bar area.

    A New Machine Concept

    Classe 11 transforms the world of coffee machines because it's the only one that is a perfect match for the digital age. It is a high tech appliance that is extremely easy to use. It redefines the role of baristas, restoring them to the status of coffee virtuoso, thanks to a touch panel that transforms their interaction with the machine and the Rancilio Drive System changes the way functions are managed without sacrificing design. 

    The Barista: The Coffee Artisan 

    “The secret of the perfect coffee resides in a mysterious alchemy that is quite unique. Being able to control temperature variations takes us right to its essence” Giorgio Rancilio.    

    Baristas are more familiar than anyone with the product they use, its characteristics and, above all, the tastes of their customers. Thanks to the growing amount of information available, customers are increasingly appreciating certain aspects and characteristics of espresso coffee that they could only have guessed at previously. In order to satisfy these customers, a new generation of baristas have started to control every stage of the espresso creation process, from selecting good quality blends, to developing coffee-making techniques and controlling the various dispensing processes. Rancilio has contributed to this search for quality with Xcelsius in order to make a decisive and revolutionary contribution to the market.


    Temperature Profiling: What Is Xcelsius?

    Xcelsius is a technology designed to enhance the sensory properties of any blend of coffee, acting dynamically on the water temperature during the 25-30 second brewing process: increasing or decreasing this temperature by up to 5°C (9°F) allows changes to be achieved in the specific characteristics of the espresso coffee brewed and therefore significant improvements to be made in the quality of the product in the cup.

    This is what we have defined as PROFILING. By acting on these parameters, the water-soluble substances of ground coffee are extracted as required by the barista, who can achieve a range of different results in terms of density, viscosity, sweetness, flavour and many other aspects.


    For further detailed information please download the Rancilio Classe 11 Xcelcius brochure here.

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