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The Santos 55 Automatic Espresso Coffee Grinder

Any barista worth his beans knows that a good grinder is paramount in producing a perfect coffee. Speed, accuracy and reliability are some of the major factors a cafe looks for when selecting the ultimate one. With so many on the market, we've done the research for you and found one of the best, most cost-effective on the market today - the Santos 55.

Automatic, Instant Grinding & Delivery of Coffee - The Ideal Grinder for Busy Cafes

The Santos 55 ups the grinder ante with its latest release. Just right for busy cafes where fast, quality service is a must, the Automatic Silent Espresso Grinder is quiet enough to cause minimal disruption, fast enough to keep up with high demand, easy enough for anyone to use, and reliable enough to cause minimal downtime.

Superior Speed

Let's talk about speed. The E55 is renowned for its speed and is one of the fastest - if not the fastest - on the market today with an impressive 7 grams ground less than a second all whilst keeping the coffee cool when grinding.

The Leader in Silent Coffee Grinders for Over 10 Years

Santos are also recognised for their silent grinders, which is crucial to a barista when taking customer orders. The 55 houses an impressive motor featuring small blades that perform faster than its competitors. Ideal for high quality espresso, the 55 grinds consistent dosage on demand for the freshest coffee. Simply press 1 or 2 coffees, insert the filter holder and off you go.

The Santos 55 Automatic Espresso Coffee Grinder Features & Benefits

  • Automatic constant & fine grind on demand

  • 7 gms in less than one second 

  • Silent operation

  • Consistent dosage

  • Telescopic tamper 

  • Larger 2.2 kg hopper

  • Digital counter

  • Coffee remains cool while grinding

  • Easy to adjust (grinding and dosing)

  • No “burnt coffee” taste while grinding

  • Easy maintenance 


For further detailed information please download the Santos 55 coffee grinder brochure here: Download the brochure now

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