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Slayer coffee machines manufacturer background

Slayer Espresso has been handcrafting machines in Seattle,
Washington for the past decade, setting high standards to
advance the specialty coffee industry with professional espresso
Slayer is fundamentally connected to modern design for the
guest, ergonomically sound for the professional barista, with a
super intuitive user interface. Technically efficient engineering
make our products a triple threat to competition as we consider
all points of engagement; barista, technician and guest.
Slayer is the recipient of “Best New Product “awards from the
Specialty Coffee Association of America (Slayer Espresso Single
Group) and World of Coffee (Slayer Steam).
We are an official SCAA member with deep roots in coffee and
continued efforts toward the advancement of our industry.

NOW available @ Espress Group Slayer Espresso and  Steam

 Slayer Espresso coffee machine  Slayer Steam coffee machine
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